Strength Program

Our strength program is customized to meet your needs, goals, and timeframe. If you are going to the gym without a plan, you will never get the results you are looking for. Let me explain in more detail.

Going to the gym without a program or plan is setting yourself up for failure. You will struggle to build momentum, develop any type of consistency, and accomplish the results you have envisioned. The strength program is much more than writing down a few common exercises and the most basic sets and rep ranges. Your strength program is the blueprint for how you will progress. It’s the layout that ensures you won’t plateau because you are always working towards improvement. Commercial gym owners capitalize on people like yourself. You join up, spend big money, and quit within the first 60 days because you didn’t seem to get anywhere as you thought.

Your strength program needs to be customized to you or else you will be falling short of your potential results. Taking a free program online and implementing it could be helpful. But once again, copying any arrangement of sets, reps and exercises will only guarantee you that the person who wrote it, had success with it. Your program needs to be created around your lifestyle, how much time you can spend at the gym (frequency), what your goals are (strength, hypertrophy, etc) and health history (injuries). Your program should be 4-6, with each workout designed around the concept of progressive overload.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any specific questions about our programming. To get started, add the customized strength program to the shopping cart and receive a 30% discount with your nutritional services.

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