Football Offseason 2xL


For the Football Athlete who takes the offseason VERY seriously.

Tried, Tested, and True. Football Offseason 2xL had been battle tested by 150+ football athletes across Division 1 football in the USA and Canada. Evolved over 4 years of research and current methods, you’re getting the best of the best in athletic strength and conditioning programming.

14 weeks of in depth, detailed, scheduled and position-specific strength and conditioning programming to get you through your most successful offseason to date. Follow the plan accordingly and you’ll be guaranteed to have the best version of yourself step onto the gridiron come opening kickoff!


THE most complete program you’ll find for your Spring-Summer training needs.

-Guided Warmup, Muscle, and Power Activation Protocols

-Intense and elaborate Lifting sessions to get STRONGER and more POWERFUL (3x per week)

-Positional specific dynamic field sessions to get FASTER, QUICKER, more EXPLOSIVE (3x per week)

-Tempo Based Conditioning Runs to pass your conditioning tests and become FITTER on the field (2x per week)

-Daily Programmed Recovery sessions for MOBILITY and FLEXIBILITY

-Daily Programmed Injury PREHAB sessions to prevent injury

-Included Schedule to get the most out of your training efforts and commitment!

-Data Recording sheets to track your progress!

Walk into training camp at your peak athletic performance and conditioning level. Backed by the experience and feedback from college, university, and pro-aspiring football athletes, SCN2xL’s 14 week Football Offseason Training Program gives you the guide and tools to be the strongest, fastest, quickest, most explosive. and most athletic version on yourself to date. Combined with the thorough recovery and movement prep sections, you’ll feel better and reduce your risk of injury drastically! With puchase, support is just an email away – we want to be in your corner and support you during your personal process!

Don’t just workout..