SCN2xL 8-Week Hybrid Strength & Hypertrophy Program


SCN2xL is excited to be launching our first hybrid strength and hypertrophy program that is geared toward the individual who is trying to improve functional strength while increasing lean body mass. This is our first 8-week, 2-phase program that provides emphasis on improving overall functional strength and increasing lean muscle. Also included in our program is a step by step dynamic warm-up, a cool-down protocol and metabolic conditioning for each training session.

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Our SCN2xL 8-Week Hybrid Hypertrophy is the perfect program designed to increase strength and build lean muscle. This program offers 2 phases, allowing you to focus on specific measurables within a training program.

Specifically, within this training program you will have

  • A pre-lift warmup for upper and lower body movements
  • A post-lift movement pattern to improve recovery
  • 3-days/week training split: Upper, lower and full body exercises
  • A metabolic condition circuit or conditioning phase for each workout
  • 4 weeks dedicated to increasing overall strength
  • 4 weeks dedicating to increasing lean muscle
  • Program design to outline sets/reps/intensity variables for each movement of each phase within the program

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