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Keegan Vosman first found his passion in Strength and Conditioning while pursuing his undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University while also playing Varsity D1 Football for the St.FX. X-Men from 2007-2013. Following attaining a Bachelor’s in Human Kinetics, Keegan went on to pursue a graduate degree in Physical Education through the B.Ed program at St. FX as well.

Playing D1 University football as a hybrid player often switching rolls from Receiver to Fullback, Tight End to Runningback, and even Offensive Tackle within the same season, Keegan often relied on his diverse training regimen and structured calorie intake to achieve the athleticism and body type required to perform at each of these diverse positions.  Piecing together his knowledge and understanding of Strength and Conditioning throughout his University years, Keegan graduated as an Academic All-Canadian with his B.Ed in 2013, and later accepted the role as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the St.F.X. X-Men Football team for 2013-14, and 2015-2016, acting as a consultant in 2014-15. During this time also working with university basketball, hockey, and soccer athletes.

Currently, Keegan performs as an Exercise Specialist, Kinesiologist, and Strength and Conditioning Consultant for The Nova Scotia Health Authority based out of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and has recently worked with University football athletes preparing for upcoming professional showcase athletic combines. Previously Keegan had been working as a full-time Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Performance Coach working with athletes ranging from youth, high school, university/college, to elite level.  Keegan has also worked with firefighters, police, paramedics, and blue-collar workers while also providing strength and performance services to the everyday person looking to up their own fitness and health level. Whether it be to perform at your sport, or have the strength to carry out and excel at your duties at your work, Keegan has the education, and practical knowledge to get you there with his detailed and thorough approach strength and conditioning and fitness program plans.

“Efficient and effective. I don’t like to waste time when I’m in the gym and I also don’t like to skip the little things that make a big difference along the way. My approach to programming is unique because I will never issue an exercise to a person without really practicing the movement myself and understanding what it requires. I hear all to often people buying gimmick fitness programs that don’t fit their physiology. Everyone is different and has different body histories—which is one of the reasons why SCN2XL exists today; to provide a personalized service whose main focus is to provide effective, efficient, and above all, SAFE programs to those who are committed to their fitness journey. Everyone has their own story to tell and we’re here to listen.

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