Recreational Athlete Strength Program

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The perfect program for the former athlete who wants direction on how to maximize their time in the gym while packing on serious strength and muscle gains.


Recreational Athlete Strength Program

The recreational athlete strength program is the perfect program for the former athlete looking to turn back the clock. It’s designed for the ex-athlete who still has something to prove. It’s for the retired athlete who is looking to get back in the sport.

Program Focus: Build Mass, Increase Strength, High intensity
Program Length: 3 Days/Week — 4 Weeks

One of our most popular programs SCN2xL offers. Designed for the former athlete who needs an effective training plan so you can continue pursuing your athletic lifestyle.

Inspired by former athletes who miss the thrill of competition but still seek the positive sensation of training with a purpose and optimally designed to fit around a busy school or work schedule to allow for maximum efficiency, recovery, and effectiveness.

Whether you’ve hung up the cleats for good, or still hit the ice on weekends, this program has what you need!

Accountability Check-in Call

The perfect pairing to the recreational strength program is our accountability check-in call. These 2 services together will make you unstoppable. Every week you will receive a 10-minute virtual check-in with your coach. Staying on track has never been easier. During your 10-minute check-in, you can

  • Review your progress
  • Make adjustments to your lifts
  • Plan short-term goals
  • Create strategies to eliminate previous bad habits
  • Stay motivated and hungry for more
  • The easiest way to implement additional accountability into your program

If you are 5, 10, or even 20 years removed since your last competitive game, this is your chance to break this cycle. You know deep down inside that there is something there. A spark. A flame. Something that burns for more. It’s the competitive athlete in you. It will never go away. This program will allow you to feel the competitive juices again. So when the time comes for you to play in that weekend tournament, you are ready. You’re ready physically and mentally. You are in control.

Join today and download our recreational athlete strength program today and let’s #PlanYourProcess

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