Registered Dietitian Assessment


Registered Dietitian Assessment: Individual Nutrition Counselling

  •  Assesses your dietary practices, body composition, and energy balance (intake and expenditure).
  •  Counsels athletes on optimal nutrition for
    • exercise training (match nutrition to training phases and goals),
    • competition
    • recovery from exercise
    • weight management
    • hydration
    • immunity
    • disordered eating
    • travel
    • supplementation
  • Counsels athletes on achieving and maintaining a level of body mass, body fat, and muscle mass that is consistent with good health and good performance.
  •  Provides personalized meal and snack plans to promote achieving short and long term goals for athletic performance and good health.
  • Develops and counsels in hydration protocols.
  • Addresses nutritional challenges to performance, such as food allergies, bone mineral disturbances, gastrointestinal disturbances, iron depletion, and iron-deficiency anemia.
  • Counsels athletes on optimal nutrition for recovery from illness or injury.
  • Evaluates nutritional supplements, including herbal supplements, for legality, safety, quality, and efficacy; monitors use of appropriate supplementation.
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Our Sports Dietitian (RD, CSSD) provides individual nutrition counselling and education to enhance the performance of competitive and recreational athletes to promote long term health benefits. Our 60 minute nutritional assessment will be used to :

  • Determine your nutrition and health related goals
  • Review medical and health history
  • Determine your activity level and training history
  • Review your current dietary habits and nutritional intake
  • Review your lifestyle and preferences
  • Establish your nutritional recommendations and requirements

You are required to complete our nutritional intake form prior to the start of your Registered Dietitian Assessment. This is the perfect option for those who are interested in speaking with our Sport Specialist Dietitian and are interested in having a customized meal plan created for them. Our Registered Dietitian Assessment must first be completed prior to completing any in home services from our Sport Dietitian.