Serious Size


The perfect program for current and former athletes who are serious about strength and conditioning to maximize their performance.


Serious Size by SCN2xL

If you are looking to put on some serious size, then this is your program. Is your lifting program a training plateau? Then this is the blueprint to break through your struggle. Read below for more information…

Program Focus: Mass Building-Increase Explosive Based Strength
Program Length: 6 days/week, 4 weeks

Designed with the athlete/athletically minded person in mind. Prepare to lift heavy, and lift often! Created to optimize recovery so you get the most out of every session. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for the one who:

  • Loves lifting often
  • Looks forward to going heavy
  • Loves utilizing compound barbell power lifts

Keeping true to the athlete. This program offers a combination of explosive compound movements with their respective traditional lifts. And if you are looking to take this program and your results to the next level, we have you covered. Pair this program up with our nutritional services and work with our registered dietitian. 

Get big, get explosive.

Effective and efficient – What are you waiting for?

Accountability Check-In & Coaching Services

Learning how to maximize your results in the weight room is a process. It takes time, a specific level of commitment, and the proper guidance along the way. There is so much to pick from, it can certainly be overwhelming. Our accountability check-in and coaching services walk you through every step of the way. We teach you how to prioritize your lifts, We teach you how to manage your time, and it keep you injury-free. If you are in the early phases of strength training, you will need direction on how to plan your workouts out. Showing up the gym is a start. Knowing how to progress from workout to workout is another. This coaching service is how you will learn to master the weight room. If you want to avoid the biggest exercise and fitness problem, the plateau, then you want this program.

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