Accountability Check-In Service

$40.00 / month

The Accountability Check-In Service is the perfect coaching complimentary program for you. Especially if you are using our customized strength or nutrition programs.

This is the best way to receive consistent feeding on your week-week progression.

Sign-up now for this monthly subscription and experience your results yesterday.


Accountability Check-In Service

The accountability check-in service is the perfect complementary service to our customized strength and nutrition programs. This weekly coaching service is the best way to optimize your program, keep you on track, and overcome and plateau

Program Focus: Work with Alfredo on your weekly strength and nutrition goals
Program Details: 1 virtual session per week, membership style of service

This is the ideal program for those who:
  • Want weekly coaching at an affordable rate
  • Need consistent communication and direction
  • Want to eliminate the guesswork
  • Need a voice to stay committed and on-track with their program
  • Value a voice that can help eliminate all of the weekly doubt and distractions
  • Can explain how you are progressing and what changes need to be done so you accomplish your goals
What To Pair This Program With

The accountability check-in service is a fantastic pairing with our registered dietitian services. If you are completing your appointments in-home, then this service comes highly recommended. Enjoy weekly virtual appointments so you know you are on track even before your next in-person appointment. Eliminate your stress of being unsure of your results. By implementing this service, you won’t have any surprises. This is the optimal coaching service that keeps you on track every step of the way.

The accountability check-in service is a fantastic pairing with our customized strength programs. Review your program on a weekly basis to ensure your sets, reps, and weights are at an appropriate training intensity level. Use your virtual check-in session to review 1-2 exercises per week. Make sure you are executing your lifts properly so you maximize the benefit of the workout while staying injury-free.

What happens if we try to implement a program without this coaching feature? Because our programs typically last 4-6 weeks, you run the risk of developing bad habits. Furthermore, you want to avoid any unhealthy chatter that can stem from negative and doubtful thinking. So if you are the type that has failed with a program or experienced negative experiences, you want a coaching service that can answer your questions and keep you on the right track.

So sign up today for our accountability check-in service and let’s #PlanYourProcess today.



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