Dietitian Blog: How to Set Your Goals for Success

Fitness & Nutrition Goals

How to set your nutrition & fitness goals

We all have goals. But how to set nutrition & fitness goals is complex and is easily overlooked when mapping out your blueprint for success.

And we certainly set health, fitness, and nutrition goals

It’s literally in the blueprint of what to do before starting any program

The problem is we tend to mess this process up. In doing so, we make it much, much harder to accomplish our goals. And there is nothing more unmotivating than feeling like the goal we have set is only moving further away

When goal-setting, it’s very important we select both outcome and behavior goals. 

Outcome goals: This is the finish line of goal setting. It’s where you want to get to long term. 

This could be “I want to lose 25 lbs” OR “I want to bench press 300lbs.” 

Behavior goals: This is what you are going to do so you can inch closer to your end goal. 

This could be “I am going to eat a protein with each meal/snack” OR “I am going to exercise 12 x this month” OR “I am going to track my food intake for the next 30 days” 

Where we tend to go wrong is when we place too much emphasis on the outcome goal. We focus too much on where we are at with our progress and compare this state to where we want to be. It’s mentally draining, it can be discouraging, and it doesn’t help us get any closer to the finish line. 

Regardless of your goal, place more emphasis on your behavior goals. Having a plan on what you are going to do each month, week or day will provide you with a strategy to reach your outcome goal.

It’s very important to have an outcome goal. It’s your purpose for starting a program. But without behavior goals, reaching your finish line may appear impossible. So if you want your health and fitness journey to be a successful one, start by focusing on behavior goals and you will be sure to get there. Work with our registered dietitian and let’s #PlanYourProcess

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