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What To Do After Overeating

At some point during your weight loss program, you will overconsume calories. There could be a special event like a birthday party, anniversary, or maybe a weekend getaway where you will enjoy overeating. It could even be a random Wednesday night at the golf course. Either way, it will happen

But what should we do after overeating? What’s the game plan now? 

I get asked this question all the time. And it’s a really good one because what you do after the high-calorie day can contribute to why many individuals fall short of their weight loss goals

So here is what you do: 

  1. Enjoy your meal and have a good time. Know that you are overeating and that is perfectly ok
  2. Get back on track. Resume your program. Do NOT be more restrictiv

A restrictive nutrition plan can make it too difficult to follow. Reducing your calorie goal even further after a day of overeating can sometimes make it impossible to follow. Avoid very-low-calorie days immediately after a “cheat meal” and resume your nutrition program.

Consistency will determine how successful your weight loss | fat loss program will be. After a fun night out, just resume your calorie deficit program at a sustainable level and you will accomplish your goals.

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