Glute Gainer


Our best selling summer program designed to lift and fill your favourite pair of pants with a perfectly round booty.


Glute Gainer by SCN2xL

SCN2xL’s first booty workout focused program titled “glute gainer” is a must-have if you are looking to build strength & size to your glutes. This lower body focused program is perfect for men and women who are looking to spend more time on their backside when in the weight room.

Program Focus: Full Body Conditioning, Glute/Hamstring/Quadricep Growth
Program Length: 3 Days / Week, 4 weeks

Concerned about your lower half? If you’re looking for the program that will grow your butt, then look no further. Improved glute strength, glute size, and hip power are the focal points with the glute gainer program. It requires a total lower body focus and commitment. From squats to lunges, to hip thrusts, this program has it all. 

This booty workout program comes with a healthy mix of conditioning. But don’t worry, it will only work towards developing your finest assets. Our glute strength program is ideal for those wanting to fill in those pants. Don’t let this program fool you, it’s one of our hardest programs to pick from. If you are looking to do 1000 reps of mini band kickbacks, then this program isn’t for you. This is a heavy dose of thrusting, lunging, deadlifting, and squatting. 

I was tired of seeing gym-goers do kickbacks and band walks with the thought process that it was training their glutes effectively. So thus, our glute program was created with tons of variety and evidence-based methods. You will finish this program feeling good and looking your best. 

Accountability Check-In & Coaching Services

Learning how to maximize your results in the weight room is a process. It takes time, a specific level of commitment, and the proper guidance along the way. There is so much to pick from, it can certainly be overwhelming. Our accountability check-in and coaching services walk you through every step of the way. We teach you how to prioritize your lifts, We teach you how to manage your time, and it keeps you injury-free. If you are in the early phases of strength training, you will need direction on how to plan your workouts out. Showing up the gym is a start. Knowing how to progress from workout to workout is another. This coaching service is how you will learn to master the weight room. If you want to avoid the biggest exercise and fitness problem, the plateau, then you want this program.

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