Female Strength & Conditioning 2xL


Our first customized program designed for females of all fitness levels.

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Program Focus: Target Hypertrophy, Compound Strength
Program Length: 5 days per week / 7 weeks

Whether you’re a person just getting started, looking for structure in your gym routine, or you’re looking to take your fitness and strength regime to the next level, this SCN2XL original program has what you need and what you want. Look to boost your fitness while:

  • Firing up your heart rate
  • Blasting your problem fat areas
  • Building major muscle groups
  • Getting STRONG in the process

Then this program is aimed for you! This program offers everything organized and layed out in an easy-to-understand template. A great program no matter your fitness level to get you started on your new fitness regimen

This program contains:

  • Effective, efficient, and specific warmup protocol
  • Multi-joint compound lifts for maximum muscle stimulation and metabolism activation
  • Assistive compound lifts to create balance and stability in your lifts and exercises
  • High intensity interval training progressions to burn fat and boost metabolism
  • Core stability and abdominal/oblique focussed circuits
  • Post-session flexibility and mobility

Commit to yourself and a better you. Plan your process with the SCN2xL Female Strength&Conditioning*2xL 7 week program.